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(Upsell #1) 3D Fleece Burrito Blanket

Have You Ever Wanted To Be A Giant Tortilla, Burrito, Or Any kind of Food? Well, Now You Can. Simply Lay Down Inside The Blanket And Roll Yourself Up, Becoming The Burrito (Or Other Food Item) That You’Ve Always Wanted To Be, INCREDIBLY SOFT AND WARM FLEECE. It Is Made To Keep You And Your Loved Ones Especially Cozy On A Crisp Night As You Wrap Up By The Fireplace To Watch Some Tv Or Spread It Out On The Ground For A Picnic.

With this particular blanket, you could essentially be able to wrap yourself in a large 150cm Blanket, which is also available in many other designs and patterns like a chessboard, egg, and pizza. Soft Material - Made of Coral Fleece, comfortable and durable. It's very fun at parties, the beach, camping or just lounging on the couch. When you're wrapped inside, the soft and warm burrito wrap blanket will make your friends jealous - they'd also want to be a giant human burrito.


Are you tired of having sleepless nights because your blanket was either too short or wasn't Warm enough? Well, then our blankets are your solution. It helps in every single aspect needed. It'll keep you warmer then your usual blanket with fleece and sherpa, you wouldn't have to worry about the length either as it comes in a perfect size for everyone's needs and the burrito blanket would be essential for all burrito and stylish blanket lovers.

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