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Rose Bear

Have you ever been at a point, where you weren't able to find the perfect gift for someone? Well, our unique Rose Teddy Bear with heart is a perfect present to any event as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Baby shower or just for room decoration will be great in any place.


The Bear is made from quality foam and artificial faux Styrofoam roses, you wouldn't have to worry as the flowers fit tightly together so they will not fall even if they're constantly hugged. The unique item is not like any other same teddy bear with a heart, it will make your friend, wife or girlfriend really happy and satisfiedit’s also not just pretty to look at, but it is also distinctive in the way it feels and designed.


Are you tired of spending tons of money on many gifts, that wasn't the perfect or one you thought was the best? With the Rose bear, all that will change asthe bear will be a lot of fun and pleasure in the room, that everyone will want the same, you could show it off and have your Wife, Daughter, or Girlfriend loving you 10x more, so be the first one to get it.

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