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RGB Christmas Light Decoration


Tired of the same old boring Christmas lights?
Time to switch it up.


Give your Christmas tree a magical touch. The RGB Christmas Light Decoration features 16 million different color combinations and 29 custom holiday light effects.

The lights can be controlled through an exclusive app available on your Android or iOS device, to craft customized light effects!




The RGB Christmas Light Decorations can be used indoors and outdoors, for all your Christmas needs.

Designed with IP65  technology, these lights are fully waterproof and are able to withstand the worst conditions. 




Sync your favorite Christmas Carols with your RGB light decorations, to create a beautiful festive light show in your home!

These lights can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Sync your favorite tunes with your RGB light decorations in seconds! 




The RGB Christmas light decorations have a bulb life expectancy of 30,000 hours, these lights will last for years to come.

Control brightness and speed of the RGB lights through our fully customizable app, find your favorite light settings! 




The lights can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, an exclusive app is available on your Android or iOS device to craft customized light effects.

Up to 200 individually customizable LED lights will create a beautiful light decoration on your Christmas tree! 



Instantly impress all your guests this year, with your beautiful Christmas tree!

The RBG Christmas Light Decorations will make this Christmas magically unforgettable! Light up this Christmas like never before!


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