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Retractable Windshield Sunshade

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Keep your vehicle up to 50° cooler and protect against UV rays 

The Retractable Windshield Sunshade keeps your vehicle up to 50° cooler with the highly reflective material, which also protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays! This Sunshade offers hassle-free sun protection for your vehicle.


Keep your vehicle cool anywhere you park!

 The Retractable Windshield Sunshade will always keep your vehicle cool, even if you park in the sun! Simply open the sunshade to keep the hot sun glare out! Your vehicle will feel like it has been parked in a garage everywhere you park!




2-minute installation, open and close in one motion 

The Retractable Sunshade opens and closes in one easy motion. Installation takes a few minutes, using our advanced suction cup attachments. No other windshield sunshade is as easy to use, simply attach and pull the sunshade in place to use!



Maximum privacy for your vehicle 

This Sunshade also offers maximum privacy for your parked car! The Retractable Sunshade covers the whole windshield, onlookers will not be able to see the interior of your vehicle anymore! You can now leave your valuables in your vehicle securely anywhere you want! 



Reduce the use of A/C 

The Retractable Windshield Sunshade will reduce the usage of air conditioning, by blocking the sun glares from entering your vehicle. Say goodbye to burning your hands on a hot steering wheel, our reflective technology blocks 99% of sun glares that come through the windshield.  




Limited Summer Sale 

The Retractable Windshield Sunshade is the solution to keeping your vehicle cool when parking anywhere! This sunshade also offers great privacy and protects the interior of your vehicle from harmful UV rays! Order Today and receive an additional Sunshade for free + free shipping!

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