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Portable UV Light Sterilizer


Lower your risk to Covid-19


 The Portable Uv Light Sterilizer is the most powerful sterilizer in the world! The UV-C lights produce Ozone, which kills up to 99.9% of bacterias in a 10m² space from any part of your house or car. 


The new standard in ultraviolet disinfection


Ultraviolet light is the new standard for safe, efficient disinfection across a range of industries. With germicidal applications for air, water and surface cleansing, UV-C lamps are a clean, safe alternative to chemicals for sterilizing microorganisms and pathogens including viruses.


Eliminate all bacterias and germs without the use of any chemicals. Ultraviolet (UV-C) Lights are commonly used to disinfect public spaces. 100% safe design to be used at home! 🧼

 Tested in USA, FDA and EPA certified, ISO 17025 Standard laboratories.


"One of the brightest areas of that scientific research involves a spectrum of ultraviolet light called UVC light, that kills the virus but doesn’t harm humans."

-David Brenner, professor of radiation biophysics and director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University in New York City.



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The majority of bacterias are hidden and are never cleaned! Eliminate all bacterias and germs in 15 minutes or less! Tested in various different conditions and environments, The Portable UV Light Sterilizer is guaranteed to disinfect your house in minutes, and is 100% safe! 🏠


Designed to be portable, so you can disinfect any room in your house such as: bedrooms, kitchen, washrooms, or even your car! The UV Light Sterilizer can disinfect any room, up to 10m²  in size! Tested and designed to be 100% safe to use in all rooms of your household!





 The Portable UV Light Sterilizer produces ozone, which is the strongest and fastest acting oxidizing agent on earth! The Portable UV Light Sterilizer will kill all bacterias in your house with the help of ozone, preventing all diseases from your household, without the use of any harsh chemicals! 🦠




 Bacterias and viruses are easily contracted through social interactions. Keep your family safe from viruses such as COVID-19, disinfect your home with The Portable UV Light Sterilizer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
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