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Phone Magna Mount


Increase productivity and multitasking  📱

Attach The Phone Magna Mount to your laptop to easily access your smartphone while using your laptop.  

Two-screen set-up with the functionality of your smartphone so that you can get more work done in less time! 💻


The Phone Magna Mount was designed to simultaneously work with your laptop to increase productivity!

Watch tutorial videos or chat with a friend while also being able to concentrate on your work! 📱


The Phone Magna Mount provides diverse adjustments in various angles, adjust your phone position according to your needs.

Magnetic technology is used to attach smartphones to The Phone Magna Mount. 🧲


Quick and easy installation, remove the protective film from the back of the mount and attach it to your laptop.

Simply attach your phone to the mount using our magnet technology. Removal of the mount is hassle-free and leaves zero residues


The Phone Magna Mount reduces neck pain, constantly looking down at your phone negatively affects your cervical spine which promotes an unhealthy posture. 

Fight against back fatigue and constant neck pain by using The Phone Magna Mount.  All of your phone notifications alongside your laptop.


Improve productivity with a double screen set up

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