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Magic Windshield Ice Scraper


Struggling to scrape through the layers of frost and snow on your car?


Get rid of ice and snow buildup in just one swipe with the Magic Car Snow Scraper Cone. Unlike regular flat ice scrapers that only move in one direction, this unique snow scraper is designed to move back and forth in any direction smoothly. Whether it’s a thick layer of snow or a crusty layer of ice, you can effortlessly remove it all in just a few minutes.

Made of thick, yet flexible plastic, it gently pushes the snow off and breaks icy patches without scratching your car. This handy tool is also shaped like a funnel with a tapered top to give you a comfortable grip. It also boasts a double-sided design with sturdy, rounded spikes on the tapered end that helps to effectively break and scrape off frost and ice easily.


  • The only tool you need to clean your car every morning
  • The 18-inch scraping surface clears a much larger area than traditional snow scrapers
  • Allows you to easily clean around the edges of a curved windshield
  • Moves back and forth for a thorough and quick cleanup
  • Easily fits in your car trunk/glove compartment
  • Ergonomic & comfortable grip


Clearing snow from your car doesn’t have to be a difficult chore anymore. With the Magic Car Snow Scraper Cone, you’ll be ready to head out in half the time than usual—just a few swipes and you’re done! When scraping snow off your car takes just a few minutes, you won’t ever have to wake up early and spend all of that time out in the cold. You can finally get an extra few minutes to sleep or get ready.

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