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downsell DIY Magical Window Film


The Magical Window Film will provide your home with privacy, but will also let natural light in. This magical window film is designed with a 3D crystal pattern, to produce a rainbow visual effect in your home!

When the sun shines through the window, a beautiful rainbow display will be created in your home!

The Magical Window Film will block out 96% of UV rays, this will protect your skin and furniture from being directly exposed to the sun. This window film filters in natural light, so your home will be illuminated.

Guaranteed privacy with The Magical Window Film, now you can have privacy without closing your curtains and also have beautiful natural light!

Very easy to install, simply measure the size you need and apply it to your window! No need to worry about air bubbles or imperfections, designed to be applied easily.

The Magical Window Film can be reused several times,  absolutely no sticky residue left after removal! 

Impress your friends with the 7 colors of the rainbow spectrum in any room of your home. Order now, with the mother's day discount!

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