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Camping Mattress Pro | The #1 Outdoor Mattress



Buy one. Plant one. We plant 1 tree with each purchase! Purchase a great mat with a great purpose!

The #1 Best Selling Outdoor Mattress!

Are you tired of camping on uncomfortable, chilly, rocky, or rough terrain?

When you're outdoors, good sleep is essential for a great camping experience. The Camping Mattress Pro will now allow you to get your beauty sleep while camping! Sleep like a baby on our tempurpedic camping mat, and tackle the day to come!


Designed For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping and hiking the great outdoors is very tough on your body! Carrying around unnecessary equipment makes the trip even more difficult! 

The Camping Mattress Pro™  has been made to make your trip less of a hassle with our super compact design while giving you the best sleep outdoors, so you can recharge for your next adventure!

Benefits Of The Camping Mattress Pro™

 1. Extremely Durable:

As outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we struggled with mats pop on us each trip!  The Camping Mattress Pro™ is made with durable dual-layered material for ultimate resistance. We focused on using the best quality materials, so you never have to deal with another low-quality camping mat!


2. Ultra Lightweight

Can you believe the average outdoor mattress weighs 1-2kg!? Ridiculous.  Our goal was to minimize the weight of our mattress as much as possible with a final weight of only 500 grams while maintaining the highest quality! 


3. Super compact

Nothing is worse than carrying a bulky sleeping mattress that will tire you before you even get to your hiking/camping trail!

The Camping Mattress Pro™ is as small as a water-bottle when it's folded and stored in it's carrying bag! So you can easily take it to any trail!



4. Cold Protection

Did You know your body absorbs the cold 10x faster from the ground than it does from surrounding cold air?  The last thing you want is a mattress that does that too!

We have ergonomically designed a multi-layer system inside our mats so you can be protected. This mattress achieves an R-Value of 4.2!

 5. Maximum Comfort

Do you suffer from backache/neck pain every time you go camping/hiking? 

 The Camping Mattress Pro™ is made with 144 insulated flexible air cells that contour to the exact shape of your body, the expert design of this mattress will help you achieve a comfortable night's sleep no matter what type of trail you’re on!

 6. Built-in Protection

 The top of the mattress is designed in the shape of a pillow with padded comfort! This will provide a proper cushion for your head and neck, which is critical to your comfort and a night of good sleep. Say good-bye to carrying around unnecessary pillows!


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